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At Trimley St Mary, art is taught as an immersive subject within the curriculum to augment the children’s understanding, enjoyment and pleasure in learning a new topic.  Children have an opportunity to develop their creative imagination, self-expression and build upon their technical skills by using a wide variety of media such as watercolour, clay, printmaking, textiles and digital media.

Children enhance their knowledge of important artists throughout history and the present day, such as Matisse, Audrey Flack, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keeffe and Chris Ofili by emulating their painting, drawing or sculpting techniques and learning how to evaluate their work using art vocabulary.  Children also develop an understanding and appreciation of different cultural styles such as Japanese, Aboriginal and Indian art.

Children strengthen their art techniques by building upon knowledge and skills from previous years, techniques such as: building visual information in a sketchbook, sketching lightly and observing intently to record accurately, creating and using tints and shades to enhance mood and using directional shading to create form.