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At Trimley, we aim to encourage children to have a love of music and the idea that everyone can be a musician.  Through using songs in a variety of lessons, as well as targeted music sessions, we aim to aid children’s creativity and their understanding of how to compose and perform confidently.

We follow the Charanga scheme for music.  Their philosophy of music education is based on the principle that it should be fun and engaging for all concerned, and that every child is a born musician.  They believe that music is like magic and that it has a role to play in every aspect of all of our lives, wherever and whoever we are.

Year 4 have been lucky enough to have a perpathetic from Suffolk County Music Service, to come in and teach them the cornet and French horn.  The children work as a class ensemble throughout the year, where they learn how to read music, take part in group singing and learn how to compose short pieces of music using the flute or violin.  At the end of the year, the children collaborate with other schools around Suffolk to take part in the WECT Music Festival, where parents are invited to celebrate their child's fantastic achievement in music.