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Learning Outside The Classroom (LOTC)

Wild Wednesdays (Sometimes Forest Thursdays!)
At Trimley St Mary we are very lucky to have started our new "Wild Wednesday" initiative.  This offers Outdoor Learning sessions to all children from Early Years up to Year 6.  Every child in the school will have access to a half day of outdoor classes every half term, where they will get to experience outside learning and cross curriculum sessions with a highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher, supported by their own class teacher and additional support staff if needed.  Over the last few years much time and dedication has gone into developing our site and choosing resources that are purposeful.  It is wonderful to see the environment bring used during Wild Wednesdays but also lunchtimes and breaktimes too.
What is Wild Wednesday?
Wild Wednesday (Outside learning) is a holistic approach to learning whereby children and adults share their knowledge and skills in a collaborative and active setting.  At Trimley St Mary this is a perfect time for staff to witness the 8 C's in action and for children to show off their talents in a new environment.  Wild Wednesdays aims to develop amongst other things:
        • Collaboration
        • Communication
        • Confidence and Self-Esteem
        • Resilience
        • A sense of place and belonging
        • A positive attitude and good mental health
Learning outside the classroom promotes a love of nature and our natural world.  it encourages a respect of all living things, including our peers and a resilience to being outside in ALL weathers!
Mrs Bennett


Hello! I am Mrs Bennett. I am passionate about Learning Outside the Classroom and can't wait to teach all year groups in our exciting new Wild Wednesday initiative. I want every child to benefit from our amazing school grounds and show off their hidden talents!

What happens at Wild Wednesdays ?
Wild Wednesday sessions are planned to fit as closely as possible to the theme or topic being taught in the classroom.  It allows for children to bring their prior learning to the session or to take back information to their next indoor lesson.  The sessions are as practical as possible and include lots of partner and small group work to promote sharing and team building.
The sessions are flexible and activities can be changed to fit the groups needs or to suit an individuals interests as the day progresses.  They include lots of exploration, play and discovery and quite a lot of dirt!
Activities include:
        • Craft activities
        • Orienteering and map skills
        • Tree and plant identification
        • Bug hunting
        • Team games
        • Fire lighting and cooking
In the future the children will be introduced to a range of small tools (adult to child ratio will be changed on these sessions)
What should my child wear to these sessions ?
Wild Wednesdays will take place in all weathers (except in extreme situations like Thunder Storms), so it is essential that children and adult helpers too come dressed for their time outside.
This means in the winter lots of layers and a warm, winterproof coat with a hat and gloves.  In the Summer less layers will be needed, but long sleeves and trousers will be needed due to the nature of being outside.  Sun cream will need to be applied before school and children will need a sun hat.