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EYFS New Pupils September 2024

**New Starter Tours - September 2024 Intake**
We are very excited to offer 'new starter tours' for prospective parents to come and look around our school on the following dates:-
Wednesday 4th October 23 - 9.30am OR 1.30pm

Friday 17th November 23 - 9.30am OR 1.30pm

Tuesday 9th January 24 -  9.30am OR 1.30pm


Please arrive at the Main Reception where you will be taken in the School Hall for an opportunity to meet the Senior Leadership Team, followed by a tour of the school “in action” and a Q & A.

Children are welcome to come but equally adults can come along by themselves, however we ask for no pushchairs, due to H&S.

Welcome to Early Years at Trimley St Mary Primary School

 We are excited to support your child in their first year of school.

As part of the ‘Stay and Play’ sessions, your child will get to explore and learn within the continuous provision inside and outside. Our EYFS Team are excited to meet and begin to build positive relationships with your child to support their transition to our school. We look forward to learning about your child’s interests.

 We aim to ensure that your children’s experience in Trimley St Mary Primary School is a happy and rewarding one. We look forward to working with both you and your children.

As part of the Early Learning Goals your child needs to independently attend to their own toileting needs. This can be a challenging skill but is a vital development milestone. ERIC is a children's bowel and bladder charity with lots of information and tips to support parents. 
Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for 'Universal Free School Meals' under current Government Policy, and payment for lunches will not be required until your child is in Year 3 or above.
Children whose parents are in receipt of certain benefits may be eligible to apply for Free School Meals.
However, although your child will already be entitled to Universal Free School Meals, we would encourage you to apply for Free School Meals as well  if you think are eligible as this will ensure that:-
  • The school may be able to offer some financial support, when requested, with payment towards school visits, with each request considered on an individual basis;
  • Once your child moves into Year 3, as long as you remain eligible for free school meals you will not need to do anything to ensure that your child continues to have a free school dinner;
  • The school receives a 'pupil premium' payment for each child that is eligible for Free Meals, which is used to help fund all areas of teaching and learning during their time at Trimley St Mary.
You will have received a form within your information pack 'Eligibility Check for Free School Meals in Reception September 2023'.  We would encourage you to complete and return this form to assess your eligibility.   
At our school we use Tapestry in Early Years to communicate with parents as well as post your child’s learning experiences.  Please ensure you complete the form (within your welcome pack) to allow your child to be added to Tapestry.